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CAN-SPAM Compliance


CAN-SPAM Compliance

CAN-SPAM and Email Marketing Campaigns

CAN-SPAM compliance is the other hurdle lined up on the way of email marketers right behind GDPR. The Controlling and Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing law is one that governs commercial emails and messages. The law also offers a provision to email recipients to stop a business from emailing them and also outlines the penalties and liabilities incurred for the businesses that fail to comply with it.

Here’s more information on what businesses can do to become CAN-SPAM compliant

  • Your Identity – Email marketers are expected to reveal their business domains or the domains they can rightfully market, in the “To” and “From” of an email. Whatever information is presented to the recipient should be 100% verified and genuine. The law puts a halt to the practice of including a catchy email from-address to get the reader to open the email.
  • The Subject Line – It is suggested that email marketers don’t lie in their subject lines. If the subject of the email says there is a whitepaper inside, then the email better contain a whitepaper.
  • Advertising? Say it – Under the CAN-SPAM compliance, marketers have to mention somewhere at least once in their emails if they are advertising.
  • The Physical Whereabouts – Somewhere in an email, the physical location of the sender must be included for when the recipient wants to send them communications via mail. This further proves you as a legitimate email sender.
  • Opt-Out – Any business now sending emails needs to give their recipients an option to opt out of receiving their emails. It should be easy for the recipient to recognize this option in the email and go through the process of unsubscribing. Also, when someone opts out of your email list, you will have 10 business days to take them off your list.
  • Third-Party Affiliates – If you have permitted anyone else to send emails on your behalf, you should know what they are doing. Most third-party email platform providers automate the process, but it is your responsibility to look over their processes and check what they are doing with the data of your recipients.

As a B2B email marketing data provider, we assure our clients of CAN-SPAM compliant mailing lists. We take care of the most stringent data privacy protocols and encourage the use of double opt-in mailing lists.

Steps Sterling Marketing Solutions Has Taken Towards Becoming CAN-SPAM Compliant

At Sterling Marketing Solutions, we have taken several proactive steps to make sure we deliver the data that is CAN-SPAM compliant. As part of our customer-centric operations and services, we realized early on that data security and data privacy are sensitive issues. Therefore, we have always been offering email marketing data that complies with CAN-SPAM policies.

Our mailing lists have the following benefits-

  • We obtain our data through transparent email marketing campaigns and reliable sources.
  • We conduct opt-in and double opt-in email campaigns to create a list of the audience that wants to receive promotional emails from businesses they are interested in.
  • We regularly update our mailing lists and improve their deliverability as a result, through email verification and Tele verification methods.
  • We keep the data secure and private, so as to avoid any unauthorized access and misuse of the data.
  • We offer segmented mailing lists to our customers and maintain the data in the same manner.

The Bright Side of CAN-SPAM Compliance

On the bright side, businesses that get CAN-SPAM compliant enjoy the following benefits-

  • They market to a carefully chosen group of people who are already interested in their products and services.
  • They improve their conversion rates through email marketing.
  • We regularly update our mailing lists and improve their deliverability as a result, through email verification and Tele verification methods.
  • A segmented and targeted approach to email marketing makes it easy for businesses to improve their email marketing metrics.
  • Email personalization comes as a result of sending focused messages to the audience that opted in to receive them.
  • The mailing list data remains clean for a longer duration.
  • Brands can build loyalty and trust through their email campaigns.

Join hands with a leading B2B CAN-SPAM compliant data providing company. We have the data solutions and you have the marketing strategy. Let’s team up to create success for you!

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