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Database marketing works, but it has to be done right. There isn’t a point in reaching out to large volumes of people aimlessly if none of them are your relevant target audience.

Making money from your product or services –no matter how well they’ve been developed – requires putting them in front of your target market. That said, clearly defining who exactly the target market is, requires accuracy. The more accurate and precise your definition is, the easier it is to market to them. That is where we come in; providing industry-leading and relevant customer profiles to businesses. Our team of research experts will help put your marketing strategy aligned with the facts of the market – both for existing and new customers. Our customer profiling services will help you achieve this without any stress.

Solving almost any sales and marketing challenge starts with knowing who your customer is. Mapping Analytics can help you find out who your best customers are and apply geographic analysis techniques to discover where to find more of them.

Know Your Customer

A customer segment is not as simple as applying a demographic label, such as “men age 25-34” or “businesses with revenue greater than $200 million. Those descriptions alone won’t tell you enough about your customer. For example, not all men age 25-34 have the same tendency to purchase your products. So a profile like this may not help you much, and you may waste resources marketing and selling to the wrong people. That’s why setting the right accuracies for the data is vital. We use your own customer data, lifestyle cluster data, and analytical techniques. The result is a more accurate description of your customer that can be used to identify areas where you can find more of your best customers.

This sort of segmentation helps you to allocate marketing resources appropriately – tailoring adverts and engagement according to each segments’ needs.

It will also help you when you create products and services. You want to create products and services tailored to specific market demographics.

Furthermore, having an updated customer profile database enables you analyze your current customers helps you target new ones using a tested and proven marketing strategy.

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