Data integration and its impact on your business’s overall growth

In order to understand the term “data Integration” in the best regards, you got to go through a live example in the same perspective. Let’s say there’s a customer named Mr. A who has complained about a particular glitch in the service pr product manufactured or delivered by your company and even though you have done your best to make him understand, he is adamant to take it further.

During the same time, your customers service team is about to send some business emails to your most loyal customer list and due to some error in data integration, the email gets sent to Mr. A who holds the same first or last name in the process. The overall situation here in the first case scenario would get worsened here whilst not making any difference to the second one due to the Data integration error which resulted in details mismatch.

So what actually is Data integration and how does it benefits your business?

If we talk about the general information, Data integration is a process of extracting information from multiple sources and systems and then mould it in a manner which would further generate a much accurate, trusted and reliable information for Business reporting and analysis purpose. The data here could be in various formats and the sources can be random devices and online records.

Once you will have sturdy data integration plan on board for your business requirements, you can then have a better understanding and overview of your respective customer’s needs and preferences and this would further help you in getting engaged to your potential customer database in an efficient manner.

Let’s say your company has recently launched a product and the product is simply meant for all the men who are aged beyond 40 years old. You would then need to integrate the overall data available in your records and then integrated it in such a manner, that all the key information about the men above 40 age can be extracted from the system in the process.

Once you have sent the information about the same product to all the random people in the same degree, you can then reach to an analysis about the response received from the targeted customer base in the given age group.

How that Integrated data would be helpful for your company?

Once that Data has been extracted and a report has been created in regards to the response received from the particular customer base, most of your core business functions would now be able to create better strategies and business forecasting for the overall growth of your business. The marketing team would now be aware about the “design and strategy of the respective marketing campaign” whilst the Finance and customer service team would now be having a better idea about “how to go further in making better products and services for customers without getting high on cost?”

Once all these aspects have been covered, your business would then be having a clear understanding of the customer’s behavior in regards to your particular service and products and that would help you and your organization to achieve better results in terms of future growth.