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Impersonation is the new Sensation

Recently, our team of Client Relations Experts came across a couple of instances where our clients complained us about receiving product offers from salesmen who claimed to be members of Delta Infomatix. These fraudsters approached our clients and offered them brand-class-mailing lists, collected complete payments, and vanished into thin air; leaving our name blemished. Upon detailed enquiry, we found that none of these e-mails were sent from our organization, nor did the e-mail ids have our domain names in them.

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It is so great on our clientele’s part that they intimated us on the approach.

We would want to confirm that Delta Infomatix is an independent entity, and do not deal with any partners or third-party-vendors. If you receive any e-mails from, Delta Infomatix, Delta Infomatix Mailing Systems,, or any such brands that show any resemblance to our brand, kindly report it to the respective cyber cells. Such names do not have any affiliations with Delta Infomatix, which is our certified and registered brand.

Please keep the following aspects in mind; to keep fraudsters at bay:

  • Delta Infomatix will contact its clients, only through e-mail accounts with the domain name
  • Before finalizing any deals with anyone representing Delta Infomatix, kindly confirm their employment with Delta Infomatix, by sending an e-mail to, or by calling us at (925)-428-5294; so that you can ensure the credibility of the salesperson approaching you.
  • In any case, if anybody claims to have taken over Delta Infomatix, that is a fake statement.
  • We do not possess any subsidiaries or branches.
  • We do not use any free e-mail accounts to get in touch with our clients/prospects. All communications will happen only through e-mail accounts from our domain

We also had certain instances where the impersonators tried selling sub-standard data in the name of reseller/official partner/third-party-vendor. Kindly do not affiliate with such individuals, as they are none but snake-oil-salesmen trying to make you fall into their pitfalls.

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