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GDPR Compliance


GDPR Compliance

GDPR and Email Marketing Campaigns

The General Data Protection Regulation has a direct and massive impact on the email marketing practices of today. The regulation becomes effective beginning 25 May 2018, and marketers are thus is a frenzy considering their future in marketing their services and products. Just so you can be prepared for the looming risk on your marketing strategy, here’s a quick wrap of what GDPR has changed and how the changes will affect the way we market.

Audience Consent

Complying with GDPR means obtaining a clear, freely given, informed, and concise consent for sending marketing stuff to your email recipients.

There are three things that complete this compliance aspect-

  • A new set of permission rules that are clear and unambiguous.
  • A system to store the obtained consents that can be retrieved when needed.
  • A method through which your email recipients can opt to get their personal information removed.

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Neither soft opt-in or soft opt-out are the options here. And thus, it is advised to use double opt-in campaigns that double check with the recipients that they want to receive marketing and promotional emails from your business.

Here is a quick set of questions you can ask yourself or your data protection officer to know where there is a scope for improvement in your compliance with GDPR-

  • Are you aware of the geographical location of your contacts?
  • Did you obtain your mailing list through a double opt-in campaign?
  • Do you track the incoming sources of your data?
  • Do you hold a privacy policy that reveals the complete details on the collection, storage, and transfer processes of your data?
  • Do you communicate your data privacy policy with your email recipients?

In retrospect, can you see where you need to change your processes and bring in newer systems of data capture and management? We advise you to follow these updated practices from now on, to avoid any non-compliance issues.

Buying and Signing-Up For Mailing Lists From Third-Party Providers

When you want to buy data from third-party B2B email marketing enablers such as Delta Infomatix, here are the things to keep in mind-

  • Only buy from the companies that offer opt-in and double opt-in mailing lists, as Delta Infomatix does.
  • Only buy from the companies that proclaim they provide GDPR compliant data.
  • Only buy from the companies who swear to never compromise the data they have for any unjustified purposes.

By doing this, you can get a GDPR compliant mailing list. And, not just that, you may save a lot of time segmenting and collecting all this valuable data yourself. Leave the task of segmentation and research to the data professionals who understand data privacy and GDPR.

How Delta Infomatix Manages To Comply with GDPR Guidelines

Delta Infomatix is one of the few email marketing data providers who has taken several active steps to ensure the data delivered is GDPR compliant.

Through our constant efforts, we have identified ourselves as a GDPR compliant email marketing data provider. We invite you to view GDPR as a much-needed system for regulation of data security.

What GDPR Demands What Delta Infomatix Delivers
A transparent and fair data processing methodology. Data driven by transparency through opt-in and double opt-in campaigns.
Collection of data for specific and legitimate purposes. We create opt-in and double opt-in campaigns and explicitly let our email recipients know where their data might end up.
Limited data acquisition to the amount needed and necessary. Delta Infomatix defines data capture campaigns according to the customers’ needs.
Updated and accurate mailing lists. Mailing lists updated to the second you get it, through regular email verification and Tele verification methods.
Specifying the time limit until when the data will be stored. We keep out data acquisition process transparent for the data subjects who opt into receiving emails from specific businesses.
Data Segmentation. We offer extensively segmented mailing lists that are customized for the purpose of the customer.
Improved security measures that protect the data from loss and compromise. We prevent any unauthorized access to the data and keep it secure.

Here are the several advantages you enjoy when you partner with the right GDPR compliant data provider-

  • Improve customer relationships by narrowing down your emails to the prospects who are really interested in what you have to say.
  • Achieve exceptional email marketing metrics as you target the businesses who have come to you through opt-in and double opt-in campaigns.
  • Build brand trust and loyalty by complying with the GDPR rules.

We are ready to assist you with your GDPR compliant data needs.

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