List management and its importance in Email marketing

Whilst list management is mostly about managing the list of details you are carrying in terms of various business driven data like email addresses, personal details and so on, it’s mostly been used for email marketing purpose in various business enterprises .Moreover, as the number of email addresses on an upsurge, its generally becomes very tough to manage all of them whilst taking care of additional issue likes constant email bounce and un-subscription from the service by the targeted audience in the process.

Whys managing the emails lists is important for your business?

Email marketing mostly involves mailing you targeted customers with information regarding to your list of products and services via an email and in a situation where there are numerous bad addresses and email bounce reports, managing the whole data and marketing strategy becomes a pain staking task altogether.

That’s where managing your email lists comes to the rescue whilst managing the non –feasible email within your email list from the start and during the whole email marketing campaign. This would in turn improve the overall deliverability of your emails, but also give you a better picture and analysis of available data.

Key factors to look at during the email list management

Bounce rate

Bounce rate can be calculated in percentage form and is mainly an overview of the total number of mails returned to your email serves as “undeliverable”. This generally happens when the email address is mistyped whilst sending the email, email accounts that have been deactivated , email accounts that were never there at the first place or an email address where the user hasn’t checked his or her emails since long and the inbox is full in memory terms.

Generally, the bounce rate shouldn’t be more than 20% and an average percentage is been said to be around 10 % during the whole campaign. a Case scenario where the bounce rate is more and the server is sending emails constantly to addresses which never exists, the spam filters would take your server as using stolen, bought or phished emails list for your business purpose.

Unsubscribe rate

Unsubscribe rate can be quoted as rate in percentage which is calculated from the list of email receivers from your server who have unsubscribed from the list while receiving a particular email from your end. Moreover, if you are bringing in use “opt in” or “ double opt in” house list, the percentage should not be more than 3%.This eventually means that the users are not liking your content and not interested anymore in the information provided by your end via emails.

Ensuring low Un-sub and bounce rate is the key

While its surety that more the bounce rate and un-sub rate, more would be the incompetency to your overall email marketing campaign. Hence you need to make sure that the information you are sending to your targeted audience is correct and interesting whilst being informative. Moreover, the email lists needs to be formatted time to time in order to eliminate bad email addresses or deactivated accounts. Secondly, the un-sub option given to the customer must be easy to use and you must ask them for a feedback to your services before going ahead. This would ultimately increase your reputation amongst your customers and help your business in a big manner.