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List management comes as one of the most relevant aspects of a successful email campaign and that’s where it’s really important for you to ensure that the list is up to date, accurate and in accordance to your specific brand or entity. When we talk about the lists in an email campaign, it’s mostly about details like email addresses, personal details, location and so on and management of all these details holds the key to the success of the same email campaign over the time.

Why emails list management holds the key to your business growth?

Email marketing largely involves communicating your targeted audience about the lists of products and services on offer by your business firm and that’s where all those bad email addresses and unnecessary bounce reports comes as a big pain during the whole task. Ultimately, you got to manage whole activity whilst going accordingly to the pre defined marketing strategy for your specific business entity.

Once you will start managing your available email lists, you not only would enhance the overall deliverability of your specific emails, but also derive the best possible outcome from your existing email marketing campaign.

Types of appending services we provide

How delta Infomatix can help you in the same task?

At Delta Infomatix, we got our best people on work to sort out all those unwanted list management issues which sometimes daunt your overall email marketing task. Along with all the experience we carry within the same domain, we brought in the best tools and techniques in use to get the best possible results for your specific business needs.

Key elements of our list management process

Analyzing and Managing the email bounce rate

When it comes to “bounce rate” it’s mostly about over viewing the number of emails coming back to the server as “Undeliverable”. Our team specifically looks into the major factors behind the same issue which generally involves checking the information putted in while sending the email, authenticity of the targeted email addresses and so on.


This needs to be looked in with great urgency else the spam filters would mark your emails as “phishy” and illicit eventually.


Monitoring the email Unsubscribe rate

Un-subscription of emails generally happens when the content given within the emails isn’t been liked by the target audience and this is where an in-depth analysis needs to be done regarding the same. Our team of experts at delta Infomatix executes the best strategy forward whilst understanding the customer behavior and their requirements before suggesting you the appropriate content for your email marketing campaign.

Customer engagement

Along with checking into their expectations with your specific business , we infuse the customer engagement element to your email marketing campaign whilst asking for your customer’s feedback and response to all the content they have been fed with in form of the emails. For us, a great marketing strategy always starts from a perfect customer service upfront.


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